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Primus Camping Grill Kit


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Product Details

Enjoy the best of a backyard BBQ in the great outdoors with the Kuchoma Grill. A deep steel hood seals in heat and flavor while your food cooks indirectly. The removable non-stick ceramic grill grate and drip tray make cleaning easy when washing by hand or the dishwasher.
• Light, compact, and portable, this grill allows you to BBQ just about anywhere
• Horizontal burner tube distributes heat and allows for even cooking
• Fast, easy, and safe set-up 
• Non-stick grill grate makes clean up easy and is dishwasher safe
• Deep hood provides plenty of room for thick steaks while sealing in heat and flavor
• Easy start Piezo Ignition
• Wood trimmed metal handle makes opening, closing and carrying a breeze
• Steel legs raise the grill and give you more "table" space.
• Weight: 10lb (4.6kg) 
• Dimensions: 17.3” x 6.1 x 12” 
• BTU: 8530

Nylon storage backpack with PU interior coating for easy cleaning and durability.
Dimensions: 17.7"x11.8"x7.9"
Weight: 20.2 oz.

A pair of tongs made of stainless knife steel, which is sturdy yet, flexible and will give you great control at the grill. The cutout pattern gives you a great grip even when tongs are wet or greasy.
The 275 mm length is compact enough for bringing them with you wherever you want your barbecue. Still it's long enough to keep you hands out of the heat.
Jagged and narrow endings give a good grip and control.
Dimensions: 10.8"x3.3"x1.0"
Weight: 4.7oz.

A convenient set that makes prepping food in the outdoors a breeze. It consists of a cutting board in oak and a 15 cm knife neatly packed in a PU-coated polyamide and G1000 cover. Oak is durable and makes for a good surface to prepare food on, and has a natural self-disinfectant effect. The knife has a flexible stainless steel blade suitable for chopping and slicing as well as filleting. The cover also serves as a base to prepare food on and is coated on the inside for easy cleaning. Once the cooking is done, put the used knife and cutting board back, roll it all up and take care of it when at home.

This Kit Includes: Kuchoma Grill, Kuchoma Bag, Campfire Tongs, and a Campfire Cutting Set