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Chiller Personal Portable Bev. Cooler


Product Details

Enjoy Hours of Cold Drinks Without the Ice

Coolers can be a pain to use - literally! They're heavy, bulky, and worst of all - they require ice. Most often this means a trip to the store to spend money on ice bags. The Chiller was designed to solve these problems - It's compact and lightweight, and its small enough to take anywhere. 

It's also environmentally friendly - when you stop buying ice bags not only does it save you money but it also cuts down on the waste of clean drinking water and single use plastics. Instead of ice, the Chiller is powered by freezing gel inside its walls. Simply freeze it overnight, load it with drinks, and hit the road! The Chiller pays for itself in 10 uses and helps save you time and energy otherwise spent dealing with a cooler.

Use It Everywhere

The Chiller was designed for day trips - BBQs, beach days, tailgates, picnics, even road trips! - those times when an ice cold drink would be awesome but lugging a big cooler around is a drag. The compact Chiller design means you can enjoy that 'cold drink on a hot day' moment anywhere your day takes you, with none of the hassle. 

Fits All Your Favorite Drinks

The Chiller was meticulously designed for versatility - it chills nearly all standard size cans and bottles with its dual entry design. On one side you can chill three 12 to 16 oz cans or bottles and through the other you can chill larger wine or spirits bottles. It fits nearly everything - from 12 oz beer and soda cans to 16 oz tall boys to beer bottles to water bottles, and most types of 750 ml or 1000 ml wine and spirits bottles - the Chiller has you covered.

Enjoy Round After Round

You may be thinking, 'but The Chiller only cools 3 drinks?' - the beauty of this design lies in its ability to be cycled. In as few as every 30 minutes you can take out a cold round of drinks and put in a new one for cooling. The Chiller will keep this pace up for a full 6 hours, meaning cooling a 24 pack of beer or 6+ bottles of wine in a single sitting is no problem at all.

Up to 24 Hours of Cooling

The Chiller stays powered for 6 hours by itself out and about in the sun. If you keep it shaded or in a bag it will stay cold even longer. But if you want to guarantee up to 24 hours of cold drinks, pick up our insulated Chiller’s Pack or Tote bag. These bags keep the Chiller perfectly insulated and also come with a ton of other neat features for your adventures. Check 'em out!


The Chiller measures 10.5" Long x 5.75" Wide x 6" Tall.