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Segway Max 2.0 Scooter


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Product Details

The Segway Max 2.0 is the industry’s leading light, compact and agile scooter. The Max Series is also smart, with IoT functionality pre-installed in every scooter, giving you unprecedented real-time control. It can detect abnormal behavior and alert you of any issues in real time, constantly updating the location and status for greater, worry-free visibility. The MAX Series boasts added safety and controls, best-in-class durability and an improved riding experience.

Light & Compact - Weighing just 20kg, the Max offers a smooth riding and transport experience.

Less Charging, More Riding - A rapid, 5A charger empowers you to get back on the road quickly and conveniently.

IoT-Enabled - The Max comes with a pre-installed IoT device and offers abnormal situation alarms, thorough data collection and analysis, and rich API capabilities.

Improved Riding Experience - 10-inch puncture-resistant tubeless tire, ensuring the solidity of the tires and guaranteeing rides of high-performance.

Extended Battery Life - An industrial-grade battery leads to rides of up to 60+ km, or 37.5 miles on a single charge.

Max Series scooters passed multiple performance, function and reliability tests in different scenarios.

- 500,000 times Vibration Test

- 5,000 km Fatigue Test

- 500 J Horizontal Impact Test

- 500 kg Static Pressure Test

- 500 km Roller Test

- 2,000 times Knock-over Test

- 48 hours Salt Spray Test

- 1-meter Free-fall Drop Test

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