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Frame Tent 20' x 20' 400sf


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Product Details

Utility meets Elegance with this 20’-by-20’ Frame Tent. Boasting 400 square feet of usable, unencumbered-by-poles space, this tent does a lot with a little. The large open space allows for endless interior layout possibilities, making it the perfect option for your next event. Add sidewalls from our great selection of clear and window options to enclose the space and protect your guests from the elements.

Why a Frame Tent?

Frame Tents are Elegant, Lasting, & Versatile. When you need to make the most of your space, you need a frame tent. Frame tents provide unobstructed square footage and can be ballasted to suit almost any surface. That makes them ideal for concrete, asphalt, and other terrains where stakes won’t work.


  • Smaller size makes set up easy

  • Better for long-term use

  • Made from 16 oz blockout vinyl

  • Made right here in the USA

  • UV coated, fire resistant vinyl meets NFPA 701-2 standards 

  • Can be set up on up to a 3% grade

Materials & Accessories:

This frame tent provides 400 square feet of space that is unobstructed by support structures which allows you to design the interior however you see fit. American Tent is proud to use only American-Made vinyl for their tent tops. It’s 16-ounce fire-resistant and UV coated. The heavy duty stitching is 135 gauge, polyester and UV resistant.

20x20 Frame Tent Specifications

Tent Size-20’x20’

Total Square Feet- 400

Ideal Capacity- 26 to 50 guests

*actual capacity dependent on interior layout

Tent Style- West Coast Frame

Tent Top Weight- 77

Longest Pole- 14’4”

Color- White

Tent Top Piece Count- 1

Fabric Translucency- Blockout

Tent Top Material-16oz PVC vinyl

Commercial Grade?- Yes

Water Resistant?- Yes

UV Coated?- Yes

Flame Resistant?- Yes

Height at Highest Peak- 12’

Expandable?- No

Best For- Grass, Asphalt, Concrete