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EverBase 3 Floor Tile Edging Ramps


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Product Details

The Transition Edging Ramps provide a smooth transition from the ground surface onto the EverBase 3 Flooring Tiles from Everblock. The modular interlocking design allows the edging to connect to flooring tiles with ease and meets ADA guidelines for accessibility. Use for entryways or around an entire floor as needed.


  • Edging Dimensions: 12"L x 6"W x 1.1"H
  • Compatible with EverBase 3 Flooring Tiles (18"x24")

How many tiles do you need?

Here are some example floor sizes and required number of flooring tiles and edging ramps (to go around entire floor, not including corners):

  • 8'x9' (72 sq.ft.) = 24 flooring tiles, 34 edging ramps
  • 12'x12' (144 sq.ft.) = 48 flooring tiles, 48 edging ramps
  • 14'x15' (210 sq.ft.) = 70 flooring tiles, 58 edging ramps
  • 18'x21' (378 sq.ft.) = 126 flooring tiles, 78 edging ramps

Please contact The Shed with any additional questions regarding your event space flooring needs and we will be happy to help you calculate the right amount of tiles to make your event a breeze!