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Shoulder Dolly Moving Strap


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Product Details

The Shoulder Dolly is a must-have whether you're a do-it-yourself mover, or just occasionally move heavy and bulky objects around the house or garage. This easy-to-use 2-person lifting system utilizes your legs to do the work, which decreases stress and strain to your back, neck, forearms, biceps and hands. The moving strap system can lift up to 800 lbs. safely, and also frees your hands to allow you to gently guide items safely and with control.

Sometimes called appliance mover straps or an appliance lifting strap because they make excellent straps for moving appliances, they also work great for moving nearly any kind of furniture as well as garage or outdoor items like heavy toolboxes, oversized box planters or other large landscaping items, and more.

Includes two separate over-the-shoulder harnesses and a longer 12'x5" strap that connects the harnesses through the adjustable metal bracket. Once it is fed through the buckle, just gently pull down on the strap as you squat slightly. Let go of the strap and stand up. The buckle increases tension on the lifting strap, locking it in place.

If you're in need of a shoulder strap moving harness with no hardware, check out the TeamStrap or the Forearm Forklift. Both are similar appliance/ moving straps to help ease the stress of furniture moving or appliance moving. We also sell a Teamstrap and Forearm Forklift Combo Pack.

How to use the Shoulder Dolly strap:

1. The moving shoulder strap harness is easy to wear- simply put it on over your head like a shirt. The "X" where the webbing crosses will rest in the middle of the back. The buckle will be near the waist with the word "front" facing up, not towards your body.

2. Place the lifting strap under the object by either tipping the object slightly or sliding it underneath.

3. Each lifter should bend their knees and position into a semi-squat. Keep back upright without leaning toward the object. Thread one end of the strap under the buckle, then weave behind the larger metal rod before going over the top to thread between the two rods. Pull strap until it's tight.

To adjust the length- turn buckle horizontal and pull short end of strap to make tighter or long end to make shorter. When buckle turns back vertical, it will lock in place. If one lifter is shorter, there will be less webbing from the floor to the buckle of the moving shoulder straps than the taller person. If there is excess strap once you lift the object, tie it around your body or tuck into a pants pocket to keep it from being a tripping hazard.

4. Before coming up to a standing position, push against the object with straight arms. This is very important when using shoulder dolly straps as it will keep your back in proper alignment and will put the lifting weight on your shoulders and legs. While pushing with your arms, slowly straighten your legs.