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Flat Hook Rollup Ratchet Strap 2" x 18'


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Product Details

This 2-inch self-contained ratchet strap is the smartest solution for securing excess strap ends and for storing your ratchet straps neatly. With the patented Rollup Ratchet you can simply wind the excess webbing up around the attached spindle for a nice and clean look when hauling your motorized toys (cars, motorcycles, ATVs, lawnmowers, etc.) and other cargo on a flatbed or truck bed. More importantly, this ingenious ratchet strap increases roadway safety and prolongs the life of the strap webbing. The high-quality construction of this 2-inch tie down strap provides a strong and secure hold on your cargo and eliminates the need to tie or tape your ratchet strap tails. Flat hooks are one of the most popular end fittings due to their strength and versatile design, plus the tough polyester fabric webbing has minimal stretch and resists abrasion and UV rays in order to remain strong and durable even in harsh conditions.

Stop struggling with pesky loose strap ends. Get the Rollup Ratchet now so you can roll up and roll out.