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Tazz 35258 Walk-Behind String Mower


20% off 3+ day rental, 40% off 7+ day rental

Product Details

<p> The Tazz String Mower, powered by a 150cc 4-Cycle Engine is the perfect <b>all-terrain tool</b> for making short work of your <b>weed cutting, lawn trimming and brush clearing tasks</b>. In contrast to push mowers or hand-held trimmers, the Tazz String Mower is designed to help you to go where mowers can't go while eliminating the back strain associated with carrying heavy equipment all around the yard. With our unique never-kill engine configuration, you can disengage the cutting head to remove sticks and branches from your cutting path and then re-engage the cutting head without having to restart your engine. Built-tough features like a one-piece steel deck and heavy duty nylon line ensure continuous results and make the experience of slicing through weeds and dense foliage quick, easy and satisfying. In addition to being tough, this unit is also convenient utilizing large diameter wheels to keep you coasting around your property over uneven terrain and through thick grass and weeds. When the job is complete, you simply wheel the unit back to the garage and fold down the handlebars for easier storage. Fast forward your project from doing to done with a Tazz String Mower. </p><p><b> </b></p><p><b><br></b></p><p><b>Product Specs</b>: </p><p>FAST AND FRIENDLY: Perfect for mowing and trimming around your yard and property.  Easily muscle through the toughest weeds and most stubborn brush without having to carry your equipment or strap it to your back. </p><p> POWERFUL VERSATILITY:  Our 150cc engine has plenty of power to easily clear thick grass, weeds and other foliage around fence lines, tree lines and shorelines. This mower is also great for cleaning-up the edges of your yard in hard to reach corners where your mower doesn’t fit. </p><p> HEAVY DUTY DECK AND LINE:  Our one-piece steel deck provides strength and stability while reducing vibration. Super Tough .155” diameter nylon line and has a cutting swath of 22” to get the job done quickly. </p><p> LARGE WHEELS, EASY STORAGE:  Large 14" diameter wheels provide ample clearance and allow you to float over rugged terrain and through the densest of vegetation. Handlebars fold down easily for convenient storage. </p><p> NEVER KILL ENGINE: Unlike many competitive units, our engine will continue to run when the cutting head is disengaged so you can easily remove sticks branches or other obstacles without having to re-start the engine saving time and frustration.</p>