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Snow Thrower 13.5 Amp 18"


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Product Details

Reliable snow cleaning machine that makes snow removal easy and efficient. The powerful 13.5-amp motor can get rid of snow without a hitch. It can clear snow in a width of 18 in. and depth of 12 in.. If the snow is beyond 12 in. thick, the shovel is light enough to throw snow in layers. The rear wheel is convenient because it makes this snow sweeper easy to transport. An Earthwise snow shovel is powered by electricity so it does not need oil or gas to function. This electric snow thrower is ideal for light and medium snow sweeping tasks in your home.


Powerful electric snow shovel with a 13.5-amp motor

Can move up to 700 lbs of snow in just 1 minute

Power of snow sweeper is comparable to a gas-powered snow thrower

18 in. snow clearing width

12 in. snow cleaning depth

30 ft. snow throwing distance

Snow clean machine for efficient snow removal

6 in. rear wheels to make it easy to use and transport

Features auxiliary handle, cord retention hook, dual-curved auger, and thermal protection