Lawn Doctor Bundle


20% off 3+ day rental, 40% off 7+ day rental

Product Details

It’s the perfect package for a great lawn! Rake, sweep, and seed all in one weekend! The Bluebird slicer/seeder is a work crew in one will cut a trench, put the seed down and then cover it back up. The lawn doctor is in at The Shed!

Bundle Includes:

(1) Seeder

Bluebird Seeders make turf renovation simple and effective. This rear mounted seed hopper provides the best possible seed germination because the seed is dropped after the turf is tilled by the unit’s delta blade.The 30-lb capacity polymer hopper features a site window and is mounted at the rear to ensure easier maneuverability and minimal seed damage during over seeding.

(1) Power Rake

Get your lawn prepped for spa treatment with the Bluebird Power Rake. The PR22 is the widest unit on the market at 22″ and is equipped with a simplified depth control lever adjustable to 7 preset depths which is critical for effective power raking. Simple to use, rugged and productive.

(1) Lawn Sweeper

 Why spend hours doing the back-breaking work required to clean up debris in your yard? The Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper will make your life easier because of its exceptional performance. Whether you are cleaning up grass clippings in the spring and summer, or cleaning up leaves and small twigs in the fall, using an Agri-Fab Sweeper will make it easier.