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Handheld Automatic Rotoshovel


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Product Details

Rotoshovel is the world's first automatic handheld shovel with an auger. Ideal for homeowners, DIY gardeners, and professionals, the Rotoshovel reinvents the shovel and takes the work out of gardening and landscaping. Halve excavation time while staying safer and cleaner than using a traditional shovel.

AUTOMATIC SHOVEL: 22-inch automatic shovel ideal for convenient planting and gardening; cuts holes up to 10-inches deep and 3 inches in diameter

SAFETY SHUTOFF: Rotoshovel is kickback free, saving you a twisted wrist; automatically stops when it hits a rock or root

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: our patented shovel is built from high-quality metal; tool includes a 1 year parts and craftsmanship warranty

RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: 12 volt battery and brushless motor provide 2 hours of continuous use

VERSATILE: The most versatile digging tool on the market; digging, scooping and trenching all-in-one tool