Garden Growing Bundle


20% off 3+ day rental, 40% off 7+ day rental

Product Details

How does your garden grow? Unlock The Shed to get it started. If you’re adding a fence, we’ve got augers; grab an edger for a clean line; and come back for the cultivator to help keep the weeds under control all summer. You’ll love the fruits of your labor - and the vegetables and spices too!

Bundle Includes:

(1) Rear Tine Tiller

The Earthquake® Pioneer™ features a 99cc Viper™ engine that delivers optimal power to the rear-mounted tines for impressive soil turning capability without sacrificing maneuverability. Dual Direction tines allow the Pioneer™ to bust through sod in CRT mode, and polish the perfect seed bed in SRT mode. Featuring instant reverse, a simple pull of a handle allows you to back up without shifting gears. Dual control handlebars and a compact footprint make maneuvering in tight spaces a breeze and allow for one handed operation. Our super-wide airless tires never go flat and provide incredible traction.

(1) Wheelbarrow

The best extra set of hands you could ever ask for when starting your garden. This 6 cu. ft. poly tray wheelbarrow helps to get all of your outdoor jobs done with ease and stability.  

(1) Garden Hoe

The powerful blade on this hoe breaks up hard compacted soil. Lightweight fiberglass handle.