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Earthquake MC33 Cultivator


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Product Details

<p> The Earthquake MC33 is great for <b>weeding, mixing, and aerating your garden soil</b>. It optimizes both user control and flexibility through practical design. Featuring an overhand grip and throttle arrangement, the MC33 allows for both forward and backward operation making it easy to maneuver around delicate plants. Height adjustable wheels allow for depth control and seamless transport. Tines are removable, offering a larger 10” width as well as a smaller 6” width for narrow cultivating.</p><p><br></p><p><b> Product Specs</b>:</p><p>Powerful 33cc 2-cycle Viper™ Engine</p><p>Tilling Width (6-10 Inches)</p><p>Tilling Depth up to 8” </p><p>Adjustable Transport Wheels</p><p>Overhand handlebars offer superior control</p><p>Compact, upright storage </p>