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Earthquake Badger Front Tine Tiller


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Product Details

<p> The advantage of the BADGER gear drive front tine rototiller, over other front tine tillers, is the exclusive cast iron hinged tail mount, wheel and drag stake assembly. This feature gives the tiller its <b>stability and versatility</b>. For easy transport and quick turning along garden fences, fold the wheels under the engine. During operation, the wheels unfold back and the drag stake folds down. The long length between the tines and the anchored drag stake make this the most comfortable handling front tine tiller on the market. The Earthquake BADGER handles like a rear tine tiller.</p><p><b> </b></p><p><b><br></b></p><p><b>Product Specs</b>: </p><p> UNDENIABLE PERFORMANCE - This tiller sets the standard for high-performance front tine tilling with a powerful Kohler engine, heavy duty design and impressive versatility. </p><p>INCREDIBLE STABILITY- The flip-out cast iron tail system and long wheel-to-tine base provide optimal weight distribution giving the user ultimate in-row control and end-row maneuverability. </p><p>RUGGED DURABILITY - Built to last, the Badger features a bronze gear drive transmission, heavy duty forged tines, a cast iron tail mount and all-steel constructed frame. </p><p>EASY TURN AND TRANSPORT - Large 11 ¼ inch diameter wheels flip in and out using a two-position tail system making turning at the end of a row or transporting the unit to the shed a snap. </p><p>MULTIPLE TILLING WIDTHS - Removable tines allow for tilling widths of 21, 16 and 11 inches giving the user an array of options to tackle any garden tilling or cultivating need. </p><p>SERVICE AND SUPPORT: Our 5 year, US based service staff and vast parts network ensure confidence that you can get out in the dirt and get the job done year in and year out.</p>