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Blower/Vac/Mulcher 14 Amp


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Product Details

The Scotts outdoor power tool leaf blower has a powerful turbofan technology with variable speed control that allows maximum airspeed up to 110 - 200 MPH and airflow of 310 - 410 CFM. This Scotts corded electric blower is more powerful than a gas blower, and it does not require gas or oil to function. The electric engine starts every time that it is plugged in. This yard blower is ideal for removing yard waste on all hard surfaces.


Powerful corded leaf blower with 14 Amp motor

Turbofan technology to deliver high capacity airflow

2-speed settings, a turbo option of 110 - 200 MPH

Maximum airflow of 310-410 CFM

Mulching and vacuuming systems for easily clearing light yard debris

Lightweight design that is easy to use on all hard surfaces around your home yard and garden

Outdoor blower does not require gas or oil, thus no harmful fumes

Planet-friendly, yet powerful alternative to a gas power leaf blower

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