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Product Details

Bluebird Seeders make turf renovation simple and effective. Our rear mounted seed hopper provides the best possible seed germination because the seed is dropped after the turf is tilled by the unit’s delta blade. The S22 Seeders are well balanced and portable thanks to the placement of the seed hopper and its folding handle. The 30-lb capacity polymer hopper features a site window and is mounted at the rear to ensure easier maneuverability and minimal seed damage during over seeding. The seed gate is adjustable to accommodate a broad range of grass seed. The unit is simple and intuitive to operate. The seed unit is also available as a separate accessory that can be mounted on our PR22 Power Rake. The S22 model is ideal for contractors, rental shops and homeowners. The SG22 model is designed to accommodate those smaller application requirements of golf courses and country clubs such as tees and cart path borders.

Frame Construction: Welded 10-Gauge Steel
Product Size: LxWxH 50x31x40 (26.75 x 31 x 24 with handle closed)
Weight: 162 lbs
Drive Train: V-Belt
Clutch Mechanism: Spring Loaded Belt Idler
Blade Information: Delta Blade Reel with Depth Control
Working Width: 22 inch
Standard Blade Type: Delta Blade
Working Depth: 6 presets, +1” to -1” at .25” increments plus Transport Height"

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