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Edge 220V Grinder and Polisher


Product Details

The Edge is the machine for grinding concrete and plywood subfloors. Quickly and Easily removes thinset, glues, epoxy, and paint from concrete, plywood and other subfloors. A compact and powerful complement to any large floor machine that eliminates the need to hand grind edges when prepping & polishing concrete, stone and terrazzo.

- Excellent for concrete edging, grinding, polishing and surface prep

- A great complement to any planetary floor machine

- Edge to within 1/8” (3mm) of the wall

- Safely removes thinset, VCT glue, carpet glue, epoxy, paint, levels and preps uneven floors

- Disassembles into 3 components for easy transport

- Available in 220V or 110V models

- Features dustless grinding and sanding when attached to appropriate HEPA vacuum system

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