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Xo4 Hand Held Power Mixer


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Product Details

Collomix hand-held mixers are used for small batch professional mixing of jobsite materials. These materials may include everything from paint and lacquers all the way up to complex materials such as Glass-Fibre reinforced concrete---and everything in between. Our mixers allow the contractor to work more efficiently and quickly while greatly reducing worker fatigue and strain. Because our paddle designs are the most efficient and modern on the market, the contractor will find they help to eliminate improper mixing, lumps, air bubbles and the concentration of the materials at the bottom.

The Xo4 is a rugged 2-gear paddle mixer for universal use. It has a powerful motor for all material viscosities and is ideal for mixing quantities up to 17 gallons. It includes a WK 140 HF mixing paddle for finishing plaster, stucco, mortar, cement screed, and much more.

Power-Mix Technology - Collomix Power-Mix Technology to satisfy the highest demands. The newest generation of Collomix XoR/XoR-duo mixers sets new standards for hand mixing equipment. Machine power and rotating speed are in optimal balance for top-class results and minimum physical strain on the user.

Outstanding Ergonomics - Use less muscle power and more machine power. A comfortable holding position and body posture make your work easier. Collomix paddle mixers are all designed according to ergonomic principles – right down to the last detail.

Power - Convert power into perfect mixing action. The XoR/XoR-duo mixers provide maximum power at all times. Be it for small mixing jobs or heavy continuous use, we have the right Collomixer for every material and load.

HEXAFIX® Tool Connection - HEXAFIX® lets you switch mixing paddles to match the mix without the need for extra tools. This patented design increases workflow and productivity with quick action coupling.

Specs & Features: 1.7 hp, 11.8 Amp

2 - Speed - 470/640 rpm

Powerful motor, specifically designed for mixing

Electronic/Variable Speed Controls w/ Safety Lock

Ergonomic/Strong Metal-frame grip

Shock resistant housing

Stainless-steel gears with more teeth

Low Decibel level and low vibration

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