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Rollors Game


20% off 3+ day rental, 40% off 7+ day rental

Product Details

What do you get when you combine aspects from classic outdoor games like bocce ball, horseshoes and lawn bowling? You get a fun outdoor game called Rollors! 

A super fun game for your next party or event, Rollors is the brainchild of military veteran Matt Butler who invented the game while he was deployed with the Air Force in Afghanistan. He came up with the basic sketches of the game pieces, created the rules to the new game and when he got back from duty, he had a local woodworker create a few prototypes and brought Rollors to the masses to enjoy!

Rental Includes: 

  • 2 Pyramid goals 
  • 3 Disks with blue numbers 
  • 3 Disks with red numbers 
  • 1 Measuring cord 
  • 1 Nylon carrying bag

How to Play:

It's pretty simple to play. Each player gets 3 disks that have point values ranging from 1-6 printed on each side. Set up the goals 25 feet apart and start rolling. The disk that lands the closest to the goal gets the point value that is showing. 

Rollors in Action