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Product Details

KanJam is a fun and exciting Frisbee game where teammates throw a Frisbee trying to hit a goal. The game is fast-paced and anyone who can throw a Frisbee can play-great for the entire family!

Rental Includes:

  • 2 Plastic Portable Official Goals
  • 1 Official KanJam Flying Disk

How to Play:

Space the goals apart and start throwing the Frisbee! The official distance between the KanJam goals is 50ft, but you can move it closer to accommodate whoever is playing. KanJam is played in teams, where one teammate throws and the other teammate will redirect the Frisbee into the goal. It is played to exactly 21 points.

How to Score in KanJam:

  • Dinger = 1 Point-The Frisbee is redirected and hits the KanJam goal
  • Deuce = 2 Points-The Frisbee hits the target directly without your partner touching it
  • Bucket = 3 Points-Also known as a slam dunk, your partner redirects the Frisbee to go in the bucket (top of the goal)
  • Instant Win: When the Frisbee goes into the goal unassisted through the front slot or in the top