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CROSSNET Volleyball/Four Square Game Set


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Product Details

Looking for a fun new outdoor game to play with family and friends at the next summer get-together? Check out CROSSNET, the game that combines schoolyard favorite Four-Square with Volleyball. Adults and kids will enjoy hours of friendly competition with easy setup wherever you are-in sand, on grass or indoors!

CROSSNET is the world's first four square volleyball game. Set up within minutes in sand, grass, or indoors. 


  • Height adjustable for men, women, and children
  • Rental comes with an official CROSSNET™️ four-way net, poles, volleyball, pump & handy travel backpack

How to Play: 


Divide the playing area into squares.


Grab your friends! CROSSNET requires 4 or more players.


Get the ball over the net in 1 hit. Whoever misplays will move to square 1, or the back of the line.


When a player in squares 1-3 misplays, square 4 gets a point. Games go to 11 points, win by 2.

Easy Set Up: