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Popcorn All in One Kit for 8oz - 2 pack


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Product Details

Perfect Popcorn at your next Party made Easy! The Naks Pak by Pop Weaver 10.6oz Kit includes all of the corn, oil and salt you need to make perfectly salted, delicious popcorn in one neat little package. Just pour the entire contents of the bag into your 8oz Popping Machine and Presto! You’ll have 8-12 servings of tasty popcorn in minutes. Pop out some big kernel fun with this classic party pack and say YES to convenience!

Each 10.6oz Popcorn Kit makes approximately 8-12 servings and is made for an 8 oz. Popping Machine. It combines healthy coconut oil and all your corn and salt ingredients ready to go in one neat little package. Sold in packs of 2 for a total of 16-24 servings (recommended serving size of 1oz. of popped corn).