The Shed is an “essential business” under applicable U.S. Federal and state government guidelines and has remained operational during the COVID-19 crisis. The Shed provides access to products including medical equipment, hardware supplies and other shelter in place essentials which we are receiving, processing and delivering. We are responsible for the safety of our own workforce and we have a responsibility to you to provide the products that you need in a safe manner.

The Shed follows the Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendation guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Our company has implemented the following processes and procedures to ensure that our facilities, personnel and products are sanitized and safe for use:

Surfaces - All surfaces are sanitized when the building opens and after each use throughout the day. We use detergent and water to clean the surfaces prior to disinfection. For disinfection, we use a diluted household bleach solution, an alcohol-based solution with at least 70% alcohol or other EPA approved solutions to disinfect the area.

Towels - We only utilize towels once and immediately place them in a sealed container. Those towels are cleaned daily using the warmest water setting available and are then dried completely. We disinfect the hampers on a daily basis utilizing an antimicrobial UV light stick.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Hand Hygiene - Our personnel wear disposable gloves for all tasks during the day. Following each task, the personnel discards the disposable gloves and replaces them with a new pair. Our staff is required to wash their hands after every equipment cleaning and at least once per hour for at least 20 seconds.

Rental Product Cleaning - Every item that is returned to our facility after a rental, it is cleaned with an alcohol-based solution with at least 70% alcohol or other EPA approved solutions. Once the cleaning is complete, the item is placed in a thermally sealed plastic bag until it is rented to the next customer. All rental products are handled by personnel utilizing disposable gloves.

Pick-up and Drop-off of Rentals - For customer pick-up or drop-off at our distribution facility, customers phone the distribution center to alert them of their arrival. A member of our team will bring the rental items to the customer vehicle and will maintain proper social distancing.

The contact number for each distribution center is:

Richmond, VA - (804) 719-9231
Denver, CO - (303)-484-1154

Deliveries of Rentals - All deliveries will be made without customer contact. Items will be left at an appropriate place and the customer will be notified of their delivery. The customer shall return the item to that same location for pick-up by The Shed delivery service.

The Shed is committed to leading by example when it comes to battling the Coronavirus. Thank you for your business and stay safe.

The Shed Team