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Renting Stuff is Better

Save money, space and the planet

Welcome to The Shed, the product rental marketplace that’s changing the way people live. Finally there’s an easy way to experience new adventures or get things done by renting stuff instead of buying things that end up just taking up space.

Renting is not only better for your wallet and storage, it’s better for the planet too. Access over excess means we save resources and energy while reducing waste. Together with our manufacturing partners, we are collectively reducing and reusing – 2 of the major hallmarks of environmental conservation.

We’re thrilled you’re here and hope you find everything you need for your next adventure, DIY project, party, move, or whatever you decide to do today!

The Shed story

It all started when Karen Rodgers O’Neil, The Shed co-founder, felt the constant drumbeat of friends and neighbors planning graduation and family parties and asking, “Who has a tent I can borrow? How many folding chairs do you have?". A serial entrepreneur and business executive, she thought there had to be a better way.

Karen wrote up a business brief, monitored the consistent growth of the sharing economy, and partnered with Daniel Perrone, a successful technology entrepreneur, to bring The Shed to life. They quickly discovered an untapped opportunity to transform the antiquated rental industry and meet growing consumer demand for all things rental. How? By creating a rental marketplace that lets manufacturers actually participate in the sharing economy by renting (not selling) their products.

Now The Shed serves local communities across the country and is quickly changing the way people think about owning stuff.

Meet the Founders

Daniel Perrone
Daniel Perrone Co-Founder, CEO

Daniel is a successful entrepreneur with a reputation for leveraging technology to solve market opportunities. From his first start-up in the early 90's, he championed the importance of building disciplined processes while being nimble to seize opportunities. Daniel's vision and leadership resulted in Apple acquiring his digital mapping company in 2013. He believes The Shed is an industry disruptive business opportunity and he is on a mission to drive the company's success.

Karen Rodgers
Karen Rodgers O’Neil Co-Founder, CMO

Karen is a consummate "what if" thinker which has resulted in iconic brand marketing programs and an array of business ideas -- including The Shed. She leverages her 25+ years of retail marketing experience for brands including GE, Staples, Dunkin' and Home Depot to build The Shed brand and drive measurable results for the company's manufacturing partners. Her favorite thing about The Shed? It's a creative goldmine.

On a mission to get the most out of the world’s stuff.

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